Founded by Harvey Duncan, hopeful automotive journalist or anything in automotive media (video and photography/car-porn have slowly crept into the ranks), Manually Shifted Blog is a place that looks at recent (or somewhat recent) vehicles and what makes them interesting.    There’s no formula to how this site works, or who it caters to specifically.  Weekly blogs are put up on Sunday at 4pm Pacific/7pm eastern, with “Rebadge Rounds” posted whenever possible.

This goes out (hopefully) to the many types of automotive enthusiasts out there, whether in lifted trucks, lowered donks, tire-melting muscle, shrieking exotics, or slammed JDM’s– Duncan tends to lean toward the quirky underdogs, or even the hated.  I can’t say I have a feel for what everyone wants, but I’d love to hear the other points of view and get to know what makes them special to the owners– that means let me (and readers) know what you think and have to say.  We’re all into cars somehow, so embrace the differences.

If not here on the blog site, there’s always the Manually Shifted Soul Facebook page that will also keep you updated on new postings, or maybe some rare tidbit of interest shared on the page.


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