Auction Drives: new segment coming.

While blogging isn’t a high priority for me anymore, I’ve been getting interest from coworkers in my new position in the company.  My old position was driving cars (both in pristine shape, as well as dilapidated beyond belief) through a dealer auction.  It’s pretty straight forward: my employer is a large auction house that acts as a middle man for dealers of Northern California to buy and sell vehicles.  My promotion gives me far more hours, and time on the open road in quite the slurry of different vehicles– from Chevy Aveo’s to Porsche 911’s.  Of which, I take notes of impressions, and quick cell-phone pictures to illustrate the vehicle at hand.

Having been an auction driver for a year, I’ve been able to see common trends on vehicles based on make and model, whether it’s wear-and-tear, or more common gremlins such as the “Heisenberg Button” as I call it (pushing it brings on a knock… go watch some Breaking Bad already!).  Other media I’ve shot are just comedic glitches that could technically happen to many modern cars, or simply the condition people leave their vehicles when they trade in without cleaning.  Because of all these comments and media clips, it’ll take quite a bit of time to compile, but I’m sure my co-workers (and Facebook car-group buddies) will appreciate a place for these exploits to be found for all.


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