Washington Redskins player Alfred Morris: kindred manually-shifted spirit

Some good old fashioned car love has struck the nation– at least briefly– as an NFL player has made press by keeping his old car alive.  Yup, I’m talking about Washington Redskins running back, Alfred Morris and his 1991 Mazda 626 sedan he named “Bentley.” 

Three reasons I appreciate this enough to blog it:
-Great show of humility and practicality even when faced with money and fame
-It’s a manual transmission
-My grandfather was an avid Redskins watcher in his day

Morris has his Mazda back from being restored to beyond-new condition including updated AC system and diamond-stitched leather befitting the cars name “Bentley” with the famed luxury marques interior touch.  The Mazda is three years newer than Morris (born in 1988), but the pro-baller plans on keeping it so his own kids can drive it (hopefully they, too, try and keep the self-rowing passion their father has now).

Morris has made an impression as a grounded young man who sees this car as a connection to his humble roots, similar to how renowned car guy Jay Leno still owns the Buick Roadmaster he bought when he first moved to Los Angeles in search of his big break.  This isn’t the first time the rich and famous have stuck to something dear to them (a comment in Jalopnik’s coverage by poster “Hooneriphic” points out former New York Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy and his old Honda Accord ), but it’s refreshing to know that not all those who are more fortunate go out of their way to flaunt it, or are so willing to part with something of their past.

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