Something new to be added to the blog: Reviews from my CarsDirect gig. has been around for a long time, and I’ve been writing for them for a few months now.  It’s not a company of journalists, but is more based on getting the consumer into a car.  For that (and at the risk of saying too much), I am given article assignments that are to compare two similar vehicles in 300-400 words with a overseen winner from the start.  In other words, I’m paid to write a “comparison” in which I may not quite agree with the winner, but nonetheless must show it’s positive attributes.

I have no problem with that as it’s my first paid writing job, and am very thankful for the opportunity.  There is editing, of course, which tends to reword and cut-down what I’d originally sent.  This new content on Manaully Shifted Soul can throw some filler in between the other more bloggy observations that I have to come up with on my own, and also shows the differences between the linked pages of CarsDirect versus my original, as well as what my conflicts and observations were that made it either and easy or hard assignment.

edited 8/4/13
As time goes on, my writing has better adapted to the site, so only minor editing changes occur.  Regardless, I’ll be putting up both the CarsDirect URL’s and my original assignment files as I have been.


17 thoughts on “Something new to be added to the blog: Reviews from my CarsDirect gig.

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  4. To clarify – they pic a winner and have you write a fake comparo? Does the winning car manufacturer pay them to do this?

    • They do tell me what is to win, yes. But for every car there are winning or losing comparisons, so it’s not like they have a vendetta out against brands. I’ve written about the CR-V twice: once it won, once it lost, and both were compared to Subaru’s.

      This isn’t a journalistic setting and is more of a consumer-based one. All we’re doing is narrowing down what makes one car better than another. Do I like that there has to be a winner and just leave it to the potential buyer? Perhaps. But that still comes down to a buyer. Seeing as all us comparo writers have the same duty of bringing up good and bad of the cars, one can take the info from either and still make a call based off their own needs. Need to tow and go off-road more? I said the ML is better for that. Occasionally need seven seats and like a little more handling than off-road ability? That’s the X5.

      If you read the blogs following this one, you can see what I wrote contrasted by what I actually feel. Sometimes it lines up with their decision, other times not so much. I would have preferred a Subaru Forester Turbo over a CRV.

    • As for manufactures paying for it, I doubt it. First off, as big/long-in-the-tooth as CarsDirect is, when do you ever see them mentioned? Edmunds, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Automobile, Road & Track, Consumer Guide– those are what you see on commercials, and that’s where the pressure is put.

      Here’s a fun commercial for ya. I was actually at the San Francisco event, which had the Accord, Camry, Sonata, and Altima. Essentially Car & Driver/Road & Track were filming a consumer-based commercial for Honda. They knew we were all an enthusiast demographic, so that was the slant that was put on there, and didn’t even show the competitors.

      Motor Trend later did this with the Ford Edge, but at least showed the competing vehicles, but you do see a difference in the demographic, too.

      So really, if they are getting paid by manufacturers, it probably isn’t much.

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