School’s done for the summer, now giving me time to get back to my blog and other ventures.  What other ventures?  One of those ventures will be the added challenge of leading a group of fellow enthusiasts through some of the roads I call my playgrounds.  How I’ll actually do it with an Echo I don’t know, but I’ll try.  Though if you happen to be a local enthusiast (local being a somewhat broad term) you’re more than welcome to join in at The Motoring Enthusiast Group at Facebook, Meetup (complete with my maiden call to fellow drivers), or LinkedIn.

In the other corner is volunteering.  The California Automotive Museum in Sacramento has a number of positions in washing and media which I could surely help with, and could help me polish up on things I may not know in automotive workings or history.  It’s a nice museum that has a surprising collection that seems to change from time to time.  It also has a sales department of which my editing and photo/video would be beneficial.

Hopefully as summer goes on I can settle down from school mode and find my mind wandering with more bloggy material.


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  1. Where do I sign up?

    I have an old 80’s silver GMC with a Ford engine parked in the garage that I could pull out and get up to 88. It’s no Echo, but my car can be controlled by a remote control with a dog sitting in the passenger seat.

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