Just for putting it out for sharing, I took to the road for some pictures and video on Friday because it’s been a while since I’ve gone somewhere new.

My outing ended up being a worthwhile trip for me, finding new roads and interesting locales and routes to take later on.  This was the premise in which I based Manually Shifted Soul to begin with– going out and having fun with three pedals, getting excited not so much about raw power as enjoying the experience and sights.  I’d been doing this since around 2005 with Pheobe, and the tagline to the blog (“When life throws you a curve, downshift and take it vigorously”) has been around about as long.  I’ve seen it elsewhere much to my chagrin (on car sites where the owner has an automatic… for shame).  Nonetheless, it’s mine first to my knowledge, and I’ll stick to it.  Anyway!  The drive!

It first started by heading out one of my more local country roads.  I’ve done a video with a camera mounted to the front before on this stretch, but never stopped for photos.  While I wish there was less grain and lighting issues, some showed up fine.

^Really makes me want to widen the track some, especially the rear.  Ever notice how pinched in the rear tires look on a Scion xA?  Yeah, same thing as an Echo underneath, and I see that same bit of “eeeckh” there.

Driving farther up the hills on Highway 4, I pulled onto Telegraph Road (which really only takes me three minutes to take, but of course I stretched it for drama).  It’s a slower course to the top of the 65-zoned hill that Highway 4 ascends, but Telegraph Road a fun stage, regardless.  It’s the site of Telegraph City, or the ruins thereof.  A beautifully eery place, especially when the wind mill creaks into motion with a ghostly tone.

Into California’s historic gold country I pushed (aptly named Highway 49), I headed to the small town of Mokelumne Hill, and headed into its historic area, loaded with old building and rusting artifacts– not a bad thing all the time.

Finally I had to head back through the Calaveras county hub of San Andreas, to the south, as my mystery road lie between it and Angels Camp.

I don’t plan to do too many of these “adventure blogs,” but they’ll come up from time to time.  After all, what’s a manually shifted soul to do sitting on those manually shifted adventures if not sharing the joys?

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