An introduction to whatever this will be.

It seems as though the last time I used any sort of blog was in 2009, through my Myspace page.  Usually it came down to cars or drives I recently had, which I’m sure this will also be.  Since about the same time I’ve made a small but memorable reputation on the internet through my Toyota Echo.  While an unlikely source of passion for an enthusiast, anyone already familiar with this over-400k-mile coupe, she can (and has) surprised a lot of people from a wide variety of walks-in-life.

This blog is going to highlight a lot of things about what I feel in terms of my driving pleasure, pet peeves, and… do I really want to keep throwing the word “passion” around?  It will reflect trends in the automobile, general impressions of auto news and reviews, and likely the odd video of a good road or some other scenic/artistic venue as I see fit.  There really is no plan besides having an outlet– somewhere I can call my own, put my work out there, and maybe get a little more credit to my name in a constrictive market already full of car blogs and reviews.

Here’s to a dream that enthusiasts of all types can find that we’re still the same animal, just different breeds.


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